HOLOLED 3D ART is a team of highly qualified 3D animators and designers of commercials.

To make video clips with 3d holographic effect, HOLOLED has selected a team of 3d animators and designers with a lot of experience. Working with computer animation and post-video processing software requires years and specific skills that are acquired only in teamwork on high-budget productions. With the arrival of film companies in Bulgaria like Nu Image, Millennium Films created conditions for the rapid penetration of computer animation and the possibility for our specialists in this field to work professionally with software such as AutoDesk MAYA, AutoDesk 3DMAX, Adobe After Effects etc.


HOLOLED is a state-of-the-art technology that makes computer-generated 3D models come to life before us.

The effect achieved through HOLOLED can only be transmitted live, but for this purpose video ad clips need to meet specific for the technology requirements. The team of HOLOLED 3D ART enables this technology to reach us as well.