3D HOLOLED display - this thing is incredible, it is mainly aimed at advertisers - for shops, malls and public places.

it can show video holographic images to attract customers to visit the shop. The ad shown through the 3D HOLOLED display looks real and different and is always remembered by potential customers.

3D HOLOLED display has LED light bars that rotate and build an image. In the rotation, the platform on which the light strips are placed, as well as the black elements of the image become invisible, and thus only the light image remains in the air. When it is made with a suitable 3D effect, a hollow hologram is obtained.

3D HOLOLED display is energy efficient and also lasts up to fifty thousand hours on, so it's pretty good in terms of work. The image is loaded depending on the model via WiFi or SD card. WiFi-enabled models can be connected to a cloud-based internet system that manages the device.

The 3D HOLOLED display is mounted in an inaccessible place because it has rotating parts. The backlighting of the LED light strips is strong enough for the image to be visible during the day - but the direct light worsens the picture. The visible area is in the order of 170 degrees. There is absolutely nothing behind from behind. The good display position determines the holographic effect.

When recording the image from a 3D HOLOLED display with camera, black spots as well as individual pixels are visible on the record - the same is when recording with a camera image from a TV screen. The effect of the hologram is transmitted live unanimously - making it unique as an impact.

The size of the 3D HOLOLED display is of immense importance - especially when mounted in large public spaces. Small displays measuring 42 cm - up to 64 cm are lost in huge volume and holographic images are unobtrusive. The effect of the 3D HOOLLED display of 100 cm is quite different. Holographic image that is unusual for today's people immediately draws attention. The return on investment in the ad served through them is guaranteed.